Don't you 'GLOVE' having time to craft?

Hello! One of the great things about being at home is having time to craft! With Spring starting tomorrow we don't have to worry as much about things like gloves, hats, and thick socks for a while, right? Doesn't it seem like you always end up with some gloves and socks that aren't a pair anymore? Why not use those lone socks and gloves as crafting supplies! You guys all know I love to re-use and recycle things when we make stuff so here are some ideas for a fun easy craft.

Click here for ideas!

But wait, that's not all you can do! After you make a few stuffed animals or puppets you can find an old cardboard box and make yourself a puppet theater. Don't stop there! Now you can write fun skits, plays, and songs for your puppets to perform for your friends and family. You could even make a movie or a stop motion video with your new creations to send to your friends. The possibilities are endless! Have fun and keep growing your sock and glove creature family. Get wacky, get crazy and most of all, have fun! I would love to post what you guys come up with so email me at and I will share them!

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