Who Are You?

Yesterday one of the women who is a member at the studio (yes, one of the ladies with a locker!) gave some of us an online challenge to create a self-portrait that captures how we are feeling about the Coronavirus. The portrait could be ANYTHING, it could be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a doll, anything was OK. The only thing we had to do was use pasta in the portrait. It could be one piece of macaroni or a whole box of spaghetti!

Before I share some of the portraits people made I am going to offer the same challenge to you guys! Let's make self-portraits that capture how we feel about the virus, you can make it out of anything at all (here is a chance to raid the recycle bin!) try and include some form of pasta in your portrait. If you don't have any pasta in your house, don't sweat it just use some other food item.

Send photos of your finished portraits to either merakiatcutler@gmail.com or lizbessel@gmail.com and I will post them here. I won't put your name with your portrait unless you want me to! Maybe it is more fun to guess who is who. Try and get your portraits done and send pictures in the next day or two and we will all get to 'see' each other soon!

For a little inspiration, here are some of the portraits from the challenge my friend did. Can you guess which one is mine?

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