Shibori Dyeing with Allison Wilbur

Friday, March 15th 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.




Shibori is the Japanese tradition of creating geometric patterns with indigo dye on white fabric. Indigo is a surface dye, and so shibori is a group of techniques designed to control the areas where the dye can reach the fabric. You will learn to mix a vat of prereduced indigo and learn the basic folding and clamping techniques, pole wrapping and stitching. 



Skills Required:  This is a dyeing class. Some hand stitching in large running stitches will be required. No knowledge of indigo dyeing is required.


Supply list:

Wear old clothes or an apron  - be prepared to get messy!

3 yards of prepared for dyeing fabric (PFD)

Gloves for dyeing - the long yellow playtex gloves work great. Short gloves will not work!

1 package of dental floss

Strong twine

20 wood clothespins

Thread snips and fabric scissors

Large eye needle and one spool button or carpet thread

One foot ruler and pencil

Spray bottle

1-2 dozen large safety pins

2 dozen rubber bands (small)


Shibori Dying with Allison Wilbur